Movie speeches were assigned.
You have to do a pep talk speech next.

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Thursday and Friday should be partner speeches and your two-plus minute story.

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Tomorrow we finish the book speeches and then do some extemporaneous.
Person-to-Person speeches will be right after vacation.

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Tomorrow will be finishing the lesson from another class. Then book speeches.

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I gave you the plan for the rest of the week (quarter). See me for another copy.
You needed to fill this out: Letter for 3rd Quarter

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We begun to hear the speeches written for others.
Tomorrow we will finish them and then go on to the next agenda item: Speech Inspects MHS!

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You should have your speech for your classmate ready to go for class on Tuesday.

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Have the retirement speech ready for Monday!

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Commercial tomorrow. 55-65 seconds!

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Plan for the week.
Campaign speeches.
Shakespeare recitations (14 lines — be convincing / convey meaning)
A commercial for an existing product — 60 seconds
A retirement speech. 90 seconds. You are retiring from a career.

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